What I offer

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Editing means more than grammar-checking (though I enjoy that too!). I offer a wide range of editing and other services to help ensure your writing engages readers and meets their needs.


Fees (CAD or US)—updated March 2023:

$40/hour for graduate student projects—supervisor’s permission required. Excludes substantive editing. Learn more.

Minimum $50/hour for non-student academic materials (e.g., blog posts, articles, proposals, book chapters). Note: minimum $60/hour for (a) significant restructuring; (b) copywriting raw text.

Minimum $75/hour for non-academic editing (organizations/businesses). Services include (1) editing and/or copywriting online materials, blog posts, correspondence, client-directed pieces, short reports; (2) one-on-one writing consultation; (3) writing workshops—quote provided on request.


For a quote on book-length projects, please contact me with details about topic, length, audience, and types of editing you’re looking for.


*To learn more about types of editing, visit Editors Canada.

What I Edit

Academic writing: theses/dissertations, journal articles, book chapters, blog posts, teaching materials, books (single-authored or edited collections).

  • Top 3 citation styles: APA, Chicago, MLA.
  • Top disciplines: social sciences, education, communication, humanities, business.

Business/professional writing: correspondence, email, client information/updates, reports, online materials.

  • Top skills: plain-language editing, audience-focused writing, one-on-one consultations, instructional sessions and workshops…and ethical use and limitations of AI writing tools (GPT, Grammarly).

Types of Editing*

Structural / Substantive

Clarifying or reorganizing a document for content and structural flow. May include suggestions about document design or strategies for further content development.


Clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language, improving sentence flow, and other non-mechanical line-by-line editing.


Editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style; checking for consistency of mechanics (including citation formatting) and for internal consistency of facts; reviewing heading levels and approximate placement of art; editing tables, figures, and lists.


Checking already copyedited material for minor, mechanical errors (e.g. spelling mistakes or small internal inconsistencies) and for adherence to formatting requirements.


Substantially rewording, rewriting, and/or reformatting raw text (e.g., lectures or slides, sentence-style outlines, transcripts, material/ideas for blog postings). Note: this service is not available for material intended as an authored academic publication and/or for academic credit.

Please get in touch! And if you haven’t used my services before, ask me about a free sample edit.