A chat with ChatGPT

As an academic editor, I’ve read much heated discussion about writing generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Many writers are afraid that chatbots like ChatGPT are dehumanizing and demotivating and make plagiarism even easier. These are valid concerns, and I share them. And what about editors? Where do we fit in a brave new AI universe? So … Continue reading A chat with ChatGPT

Instant Weight-Loss: January 2023

Are there too many words in your draft? In some cases—especially if you're writing for publication or funding—you'll be asked or required to stay within a length limit. But how do you know what to cut out without losing important content? Here's an update on my first "Instant Weight Loss" posting, with 2 more strategies … Continue reading Instant Weight-Loss: January 2023

Replaced by a robot…?

As a teacher of academic and professional writing, I often worked with students who were struggling with grammar and word-choice. Around 2014-15, students started asking whether it was worth using automatic writing evaluation (AWE) tools such as Grammarly. To test the tool, I doctored some of my own writing and ran it through a Grammarly … Continue reading Replaced by a robot…?